ZipRecruiter job site Review

ZipRecruiter aims to provide one of the fastest, broadest, and simplest job-hunting experiences online, and that means it’s got a straightforward and effective design alongside free access.

It’s one of the easiest job sites to use, which makes it a great option if you’re just starting your journey in the world of work or if you’re not confident with online job-hunting, or with using computers.

Employers, recruiters and agencies can also use ZipRecruiter as a recruitment platform to find new talent and staff.

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Job Search Results

ZipRecruiter features a simple user interface to help you stay focused on its job search results (Image credit: ZipRecruiter)


You’ll see what we mean if you start a job search on ZipRecruiter. Put your preferred terms into the search box, add your location and specify a distance, and you’ll get a list of results that will be familiar to anyone who’s used Google or any other kind of search engine.

It’s a smart, simple design that means you can see loads of jobs quickly. ZipRecruiter displays the job title, the employer, and the location immediately, and it shows you when the job’s posting date and the first line of the job description.

If you click on a job that looks ideal, you’ll either open a ZipRecruiter page with more information or the job listing on another site.  

Job Listing

While some job listings can be viewed on ZipRecruiter’s site, many lead you to third-party sites such as LinkedIn (Image credit: ZipRecruiter)

If a full listing is available on ZipRecruiter then you’ll be able to see the full job description alongside other jobs available at those companies, but this site doesn’t list salary information unless that data was in the original job description. If you want to apply and the potential employer has made use of the Quick Apply feature, you’re in luck – you’ll be able to submit your application in a couple of clicks. If not, you’ll have to visit the third-party site where the position was originally listed.


You can build out your profile to stand out from the pack when applying for jobs (Image credit: ZipRecruiter)

Elsewhere, ZipRecruiter has an extensive profile section – you can easily display your work and education history, a short biography and a photograph, and you can list your social networks and upload your CV. There are options to list professional certifications and skills, too, and employers can message you directly.  

As usual, you can save job listings and set up email alerts for your preferred terms and positions. ZipRecruiter also has an app, so you can keep searching for jobs when you’re away from your PC or laptop.

ZipRecruiter’s ease of use and huge jobs database are its undoubted strengths, but this simple site also has several weaknesses.

You can’t apply as many filters as you can on other sites which means you’ve either got to sift through loads of results or know exactly what you’re searching for before you begin. Job listings don’t have an abundance of information here, either, so you’ll undoubtedly find more detail elsewhere. And, as ever, look out for outdated listings, scams and spam positions on any site that scrapes job postings from third-party sources.

Salary Research

ZipRecruiter does include a helpful salary research tool (Image credit: ZipRecruiter)

ZipRecruiter also doesn’t have many of the features you can find on other free and affordable job sites. There aren’t skills assessments, resume reviewing options or articles to read, and there’s no social networking element.


ZipRecruiter can also be used by employers to source new talent for their businesses (Image credit: ZipRecruiter)
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Recruitment features

ZipRecruiter is an effective and straightforward job board that functions as a search engine, and its recruitment options are divided into three different access tiers.

The entry-level Standard plan costs $299 per month and ensures that your listings will appear on more than 100 job boards, so you instantly get a tremendous amount of reach for your open positions. The Premium plan grants you better advert placement and access to the site’s resume database. The Enterprise option has AI-powered options, ATS integration, and dedicated account managers to help your business find suitable candidates. Prices are negotiable for the Standard and Enterprise plans, and Enterprise users can also have programs that use subscription or performance-based payments.

ZipRecruiter has an impressive set of features that can help recruiters, including more than 500 customizable job templates and AI-based technology that matches job vacancies with suitable candidates. Recruiters can invite candidates to apply before they’ve even seen your job adverts, and an intuitive dashboard can manage your vacancies and applications.

Finding Candidates

Customizable templates make it easy for employers and recruiters to write job descriptions (Image credit: ZipRecruiter)

Elsewhere, recruiters can add screening questions to job listings and access premium customer support depending on the package purchased.

Enterprise customers benefit from a broader range of features, too, including customized hiring strategies and data-based market analysis, and the firm’s data specialists manage your spending in real-time, so you have great flexibility when it comes to how your hiring budget is actually spent.

ZipRecruiter integrates with your existing ATS packages, including options from iCIMS, SAP, and Workday, and enterprise customers can also target specific audiences with specific keywords and locations. You can pay for featured employer status and more prominent job listing placements, and recruiters can preview resumes without paying to access candidate information.

The Enterprise option is ZipRecruiter’s most powerful product by far, and it’s a good option if you want to recruit without any of the fuss – ZipRecruiter stays firmly focussed on finding the right candidates and doesn’t get caught up in any peripheral concerns.

The Premium package is a good choice for smaller businesses and certainly does get the job done in terms of finding candidates. Still, you’ll find a broader range of features elsewhere – Glassdoor is better for company reputation management, for instance, Monster has more pre-written job descriptions. Linkedin has a wider range of features.

There’s no doubt that ZipRecruiter is a good option for recruiters in small, medium, and enterprise-scale businesses. But if you want a broader range of features, then you’ll certainly find those elsewhere, too.

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Final verdict

ZipRecruiter is one of the simpler and more straightforward job sites on the web – it’s essentially a search engine for job positions that have been listed elsewhere.

It’s certainly good at collating job listings, with a huge database of positions available at all times, and it’s easy to browse listings, open adverts and see basic information without breaking a sweat. It’s easy to apply, too, if the employer has made that feature available. The site also has a good profile section, which means that recruiters and employers can quickly see everything they need to know about potential candidates.

This free, straightforward site lacks the data and features you’ll find elsewhere, though. ZipRecruiter is worth using if you want to access loads of listings quickly or if you already know what you’re looking for, but its basic design means that plenty of rivals are more helpful.

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Ziprecruiter Vs Monster

Monster leads with a trust rating of 7.7 out of 10, while ZipRecruiter trails not too far behind with 6.7.

Features: Both ZipRecruiter and Monster offer a free trial, after which users can resort to reasonably-priced membership tiers for when they decide to take the leap. ZipRecruiter’s long list of features includes an activity dashboard, application management, applicant and candidate tracking and management, job description template, and the ever-convenient AI candidate matching. 

Likewise, Monster also features an activity dashboard. Its features also include customizable branding, a built-in database, social advertising, and a resume database. A huge percentage of employers and jobseekers across the globe trust both ZipRecruiter and Monster and find the ease of use both offer a huge advantage for them.

Pricing: After the 4-day free trial, Monster offers the following: Starter for $279 per month with one job post and 50 resume views; Standard goes for $399 per month with three job posts and 150 resume views; Premium for $649 per month with five job posts plus 250 resume views. 

ZipRecruiter is slightly different with usage plans which allow users to have job posts for a daily fee of $16-$24. Their plans go for $299, $419, and $719 respectively, and include job postings visible across 100+ boards, access to smart dashboards, unlimited candidates, and advanced features such as “Trafficboost” and multiple company recruitments for the higher tiers.

Conclusion: Monster’s slightly higher price tag doesn’t make it less of an option. If you’re looking for a wider reach of candidates, Monster is your best bet. ZipRecruiter makes for the best choice if you’re after a more streamlined process.

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