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The WFH Desk from Work From Home Desks is one of the more unique standing desks we have seen. The aim of this desk is to be compact and customizable, achieved by having a toolless assembly, rearrangeable accessories and a minimal footprint. 

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Most unboxings involve wrestling with a large portion of cardboard and other packing materials, which are then immediately discarded. However, with Work From Home Desks, most of the internal cardboard is put to good use, featuring helpful diagrams that demonstrate how to construct the desk. The added accessories came in a single separate box, with similar diagrams on the packaging.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Instructions on the cardboard packaging (Image credit: Future)

First Impressions

We were immediately impressed with this desk system due to the packaging and clear setup instructions. Upon assembling, the accessories gave a sense of freedom to customize the desk to our liking and the modular design also made disassembly a breeze. 

The desk's ease of setup and tear-down makes it pretty unique. Those without a dedicated home office in need of a workspace can set this desk up during the day and then break it down and store it under a couch or in a closet when it’s not in use.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Storing the desk under a couch (Image credit: Future)

Desk frame size: 35″ Wide x 23.5″ Deep x 47.25″ High

Desktop height: 25.5″ – 45″

Weight: 48 lbs

Immediately after setting this desk up, we were wary of the stability since this was a no-tool construction. But to our surprise, this desk was reasonably stable and secure. There was no excessive wobbling or any part of the desk that we felt would fall off or come undone.

Design and Build Quality

The design of this desk is minimalistic but functional. Every element of the desk is built from premium EPA Certified Birchwood Ply, adding to the strength and structure.

According to Work From Home Desks, “the standing desk is perfect if you want to work standing, use a screen, keyboard & mouse, need a workstation with a small footprint, or need hooks for items such as headphones.”

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Movable hook (Image credit: Future)

While this desk intentionally has no “right” way to build it due to its many add-ons and modular nature, suggestions can be found on the company website. The modular extensions range from footrests to desk extensions, hooks, shelves, and even laptop stands. These individual elements can be added to create a truly customizable workspace.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Modular and customizable design (Image credit: Future)

In Use

While using this desk, we put it through several scenarios. The accessories we chose were the laptop lifter wing, top shelf, two hooks, and monitor stand. We tried different arrangements for each piece to find what worked most efficiently and found that these pieces were valuable and easily interchangeable. 

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Laptop riser on an extra wing (Image credit: Future)

We built standing height and sitting variations to determine if one was easier to use than the other. The standing height configuration proved to be the most effective option due to the ability to access the top shelf, overall legroom, and cable management below. However, it is versatile enough to be a sitting desk if needed. 

One downside to this design is that if you want to change the desktop or shelf heights, you must disassemble a large portion of the frame. While that is not a huge deal, if you want to take a break from standing in the middle of the working day, you'll find yourself taking most things off your desk, disassembling part of the frame, making the adjustment, and then putting your items back.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Adjustable desktop mat with custom fit desk mat (Image credit: Future)

We also chose to see how long it would take us to set up from start to finish if we decided to store it under our couch per its design. The average setup time for this desk was five minutes, two minutes for the main desk, and three minutes for added accessories. 

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

“Keys” utilized to lock pieces into position without tools (Image credit: Future)

Final Verdict

This standing desk would be a viable option for individuals working from home who do not have a dedicated workspace. The game-changing ability to set up, tear down, and store compactly makes this desk unique. In addition, the customizable setup allows for modifications or additions whenever desired.

This desk would also be a good option for those with a smaller dedicated space or one that frequently needs to change and adapt to a project or job.

Work From Home Desks WFH Desk

Under-desk cable management (Image credit: Future)
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One highly desirable feature missing from this desk, found in other popular standing desks, is the ability to adjust the working height without disassembling or removing items from the desk. But nonetheless, we enjoyed our time with this desk and found it to fill a niche that can help many remote workers.

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